Furniture Refinishing

There are many different ways to renew the finish on your furniture. We can take your vision for your piece and turn it into reality. We will work with you to determine the techniques we will use to create the look you want.

This cedar blanket chest had a broken foot, broken lock and a blistered finish. Once stripped, repaired, sanded, and refinished, the natural beauty of the grain stared back at you.

The owner of this nightstand envisioned an updated espresso look. We were able to bring the existing finish to the desired shade.
The customer of this piece also envisioned an espresso look. We were able to achieve this by stripping the piece and then applying the dark stain and finish.
This oak pie safe originally had a light brown finish. The finish was in good condition, so there was no need to strip it. We sprayed it with a black lacquer and sealed it with a protective top coat, giving it a modern, new look.
The finish on these old elementary school chairs and desk had worn away. Since the chairs were all sturdy, we were able to give these chairs an affordable facelift with a durable finish to withstand lots of use.