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Antique Furniture Restoration

Antique Curly Maple Leaf Table

Handmade Antique Lazy Susan Dining Table

The table base was made from Heart Pine, the top was made from Poplar. The top was originally stained a darker color to resemble Walnut. Plates in the 1900’s were smaller in diameter and did not require as much space as modern plates. Accordingly, the Lazy Susan was decreased in diameter to accommodate modern dining plates. (And modern appetites?)

Antique Rocker

Antique Church Pew

We were tasked with removing multiple coats of paint and shortening the length of this antique church pew. Beautiful heart pine was revealed. The back of the pew was from one solid piece, over 23″ wide. Very rare!

Wood surfaces needed to be restored and the metal hardware needed rust removal.

Early 1900’s Oak Buffet

Antique Figured Mahogany Dresser and Chest of Drawers

Early 1900’s Oak Chair with Needlepoint Seat

Antique Oak Dry Sinks

Pre-Civil War Chest of Drawers

When this first arrived, I thought it was made from Mahogany. After removing the old dirt and finish, American Black Walnut was revealed. The solid top is over 24″ wide. Rare!!

Side-By-Side Secretary

This piece had multiple layers of brush-painted paint. Then there was varnish to be removed.

The eye of an artist

Matt is a gifted craftsman and has the eye of an artist. We just moved into a new house and I was wringing my hands over two family pieces that had been in outdoor storage for several years and were in pretty bad shape. My interior designer recommended Matt. Upon meeting him I was impressed… Read more “The eye of an artist”

Jill Ledford Cheek – Chapel Hill, NC